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Sale Eddie & Sons Crystal Strawberry LED Bulb 4W

Eddie & Sons Crystal Strawberry LED Bulb 4W


A crystal bulb in the shape of a large strawberry! A honeycomb pattern flows around the bulb getting smaller as it nears the top.  The crystal strawberry produces a unique pattern when hung near a wall or corner of the room.  The crystal strawberry looks great as a bare bulb, within one of our cages or as part of a wall sconce.  The crystal strawberry measures 95mm in diameter by 160mm in length. The bulb looks gorgeous both on and off and reflects the light beautifully.

The cut honeycomb surrounds the bulb giving it a great look.

The bulb comes with 4 LED strips which give off a soft warm glow in a similar fashion to the vintage Edison bulbs.

Size: 95*160MM
Voltage: 220V
Color Temperature: Warm White
Power: 4W
Life Time : > 20,000 Hours
Certification: CE & ROHS



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Led light bulb
Eddie & Sons

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